Current: Thunder Clan Past: Loner


Loner: Yellowheart Kit: Yellowkit Apprentice: Yellowpaw Warrior: Yellowheart Deputy: Yellowheart


Mother: Bumblefur Father: Browntail Siblings: None


Mentor(s): Sandstorm, Graystripe, Firestar(Fireheart) Apprentice(s): Lickpaw(Lickfur)

Book Appearances

Living: A new life (Not done yet), Nightmares ( Not done yet), Firestar's secret (Not done yet) Dead: None

Yellowheart is a yellow cat with a kinda orange hair.
My Yellowheart pic on Wiki
Yellowheart has light blue eyes.


Yellowheart is a nice, kind, big hearted cat. She will help her friends in time of need, but, tries best to fight her enemies and fears.

Enemies and fears

Yellowheart's fears are listed down here:

  • Tigerstar.

Yellowheart's enemies are listed down here:

  • Sandstorm
  • Dustpelt
  • Longtail

Spoilers ahead for A new life! You have been warned!

A new life

Yellowheart starts off as a loner, in her den. She later walks out and Fireheart attacks Yellowheart, for being in Thunder Clan territory. Yellowheart panics and throws Fireheart into a river close by her den. Fireheart is surprised and strugels to get on shore. Yellowheart yells at Fireheart to grab her paw, which Fireheart accepts by grabing Yellowheart's paw. Fireheart asks if Yellowheart would like to join Thunder Clan, which Yellowheart accepts. Fireheart leads Yellowheart to Thunder Clan camp. Fireheart leads Yellowheart to Bluestar's den,and talks to her. (lol i need to continue this tomorrow)


[[1] A new Life