Alligences of Mudclan

Leader: Jaystar: Large gray tabby tom with blue eyes

Deputy: Shimmerleaf: Silver she cat with green eyes

apprentice: Foxpaw(reddish tabby tom)

Medicine Cat: Buzzardfur: Small brown tom with amber eyes


Poppyfur: Brown tabby she cat

apprentice: Sparrowpaw(small brown tom)

Snakefur: Small black tom with green eyes

Brackenmouth: brown tabby tom

Hazelleaf: Light brown tabby she cat (also a queen)

Firetail: Reddish tabby tom

apprentice Mintpaw(Gray tabby she cat)

Dusttail: Brown tom

Spiderfoot: Skinny nervous black tom with one white foot

Read this: There are many more warriors in this clan but I am too lazy to mention them


Hazelleaf: Light brown tabby she cat mother of Blackstorm's kits: Lillykit and Coldkit

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