Current: Leader of RainClan
Past: Loner
Unknown Unknown
Mentor(s): Mentorfur
Apprentice(s): none
Book Appearances
Living: RainClan's Beginning
Dead: Still alive

Rainstar is the main character of the story RainClan's Beginning.


Rainstar is a blue-gray tom with blue eyes.


Rainstar first appears as a half-dead rouge. He dies and find himself in StarClan, where he agrees to make a Clan, RainClan, in exchange for 9 lives.

He finds Brownie and Mara fighting and breaks up the fight by giving Brownie enough time to hide. Brownie promptly joins RainClan. They go to see BloodClan, which Rainstar assumes would be friendly to another Clan. Rainstar and Brownie hide when some BloodClan cats, including Scratch, meet. He finds out the truth about BloodClan and is ready to quit forming a Clan when his starry mentors, Bluestar, Tallstar, and Crookedstar, appear and convince him to keep on.

Brownie suggests they go find a group of rouges BloodClan mentioned. They find them and warn them about BloodClan's threat of recent attack. The next morning, Rainstar meets two other rouges - Peppermint and Eagle. The next night, StarClan warns Rainstar that BloodClan is coming to attack. He manages to wake most of the rouges before the battle starts. When the battle starts, he kills a BloodClan warrior.

Not yet complete...

History Pre-RainClanEdit

None has been revealed!


Rainstar resembles Bluestar, except for the gender thing.

RainClan came before Rainstar.

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