Mother:Pinefern Father:Brokenjaw Brothers:Moonkit and Featherkit Age:1 moon

Mudkit is a white and brown tom with one green eye and the other one blue.

Unexpected TimesEdit

In the prologue Mudkit is born to Pinefern and Brokenjaw with his two other brother Moonkit and Featherkit.He is stated to be an unusual pattern for common cats by the Medience cat,Leaftail.

In the First chapter is shows Mudkits perspective he hasn't opened his eyes yet and he hears his mother and brothers voice.Moonkit wants to try and play with Mudkit because Featherkit hangs around the medience cat.Moonkit keeps poking Mudkit ,which gets him irritated.He finally opens his eyes and looks at his brothers gray pelt. He sneaks out with his brother Moonkit and then finds himself beside a roaring river. Moonkit dares him to cross it, at first Mudkit refuses but Moonkit pressures him by calling him a wimpy kit. When he jumps from rock to rock he slips and goes under the big blue wave. He closes his eyes and sees a starclan cat and tells him that it isn't his time. He gets rescued by his father, Brokenjaw and he explains how he did the same exact thing and his jaw got messed up, and tells him he was lucky to not have any damage.