Ivypaw is an orange, dark orange, black, and white she-cat with fire green eyes.


She is annoying, but with a caring demeanor. She usually just doesn't know what to do.



Ivypaw joins and meets Wetstream. She talks awkwardly; she hasn't communicated with many cats as she was a kittypet before. But she falls into the habit. Lightkit returns, and Heart, Dust, Treekit, Cocaokit, and Wetstream celebrate. Miststar then comes in and tells them that it's time for an apprentice ceremony (Lightkit had been taken by DeathClan, so Wetstream had to pospone Treekit and Cocaokit's ceremony shortly, as she wanted all of them to become apprentices together).

Splashkit, Brushkit, Treekit, Cocaokit, and Lightkit become apprentices.

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