Current: StarClan
Past: SnowClan, WindClan
Brother: Thrushflight
Mentor(s): Unknown
Apprentice(s): None
Book Appearances
Living: Now
Dead: None

Gorsewind is a dark gray tom with a white chest.

History Edit

Gorsewind is the brother of Thrushflight. Many SnowClan cats think that Gorsewind left SnowClan because Trenchstar thought that Gorsewind murdered Trenchstar's brother, Sunfall. In truth, Trenchstar murdered Sunfall himself, and blamed it on Gorsewind because Gorsewind had won over Poppystem, the cat Trenchstar loved. Poppystem later died of hunger many moons after the warrior left the Clan. Many cats in SnowClan also thought that Gorsewind willingly left, but it was really because Trenchstar threatened to kill Poppystem if Gorsewind did not leave. Gorsewind knew that Trenchstar had killed Sunfall, but didn't dare challenge his leader. Gorsewind, however, didn't know that Sunfall was plotting against the Clan, and that Trenchstar was trying to protect SnowClan.

Gorsewind then traveled to WindClan, and became deputy. He served his Clan for many seasons. When he heard that Poppystem had died, Gorsewind fell into a horrible depression. He would not eat, and couldn't sleep at night. Finally, he told the medicine cat to give him deathberries, as he couldn't bear the pain any longer. The medicine cat, Owlhaze, reluctantly agreed. Owlhaze told Cloudstar and the Clan that Gorsewind had developed greencough and died in his sleep. Cloudstar grieved for Gorsewind for a long time. When Thrushflight learned of his brother's death, he was miserable for a long time. But Owlhaze told Thrushflight the truth, as that was the last request Gorsewind wanted of the medicine cat.

Finally, Gorsewind reunited with Poppystem, and they live happily in StarClan.