Elkstep is a broad-shoudler, well-muscled, battled scarred, sleek, grey tom with a brown underbelly, jet black socks, and large, droopy green eyes.

Affiliations Edit

Current: StarClan

Past: BlizzardClan

Cause of Death Edit

Cause of Death: White-cough

Names Edit

Kit: Elkkit

Apprentice: Elkpaw

Warrior: Elkstep

Elder: Elkstep

Family Edit

Mother: ???

Father: ???

Brother: Raggedspots

Mate: Goldenstar

Daughter(s): Skyblaze

Education Edit

Apprentice(s): Poolpaw

Family Edit

Members Edit


Goldenstar. Deeasedd, Verified StarClan Member


Skyblaze. Living (As of Violet Skies)


Raggedspots. Deceased, Suspected StarClan Member

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