Bluefrost is a slender, sleek, hard-muslced, lean, blue-silver tom with black paws and bright, bold blue eyes.

Affiliations Edit

Current: BlizzardClan

Names Edit

Kit: Bluekit

Apprentice: Bluepaw

Warrior: Bluefrost

Family Edit

Mother: Lightningfeather

Father: Hawktail

Older Sister: Icestripe

Sister(s): Softsong

Mate(s): Ivyleaf

Son(s): Wolfkit, Stoatkit

Education Edit

Mentor: Moonpelt

Apprentice(s): Icefoot

Family Edit

Members Edit


Ivyleaf. Living (As of Violet Skies)


Wolfkit. Living (As of Violet Skies)

Stoatkit. Living (As of Violet Skies)


Hawktail. Deceased, Suspected StarClan Member


Lightningfeather. Deceased, Suspected StarClan Member


Softsong. Living (As of Violet Skies)


Leafstripe. Deceased, Suspected StarClan Member


Rosefur. Deaceased, Verified StarClan Member

Cherryblossom. Deceased, Suspected StarClan Member

Second Cousin(s):

Faintstripe. Living (As of Violet Skies)

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