Ashfleck is a sleek, pale grey tabby she-cat, with a flecked pelt, honey gold eyes, a thick scar on her flank, a sliced left ear, and a black tail-tip.

Affiliations Edit

Current: StarClan

Past: BlizzardClan

Cause of Death Edit

Cause of Death: Fell to her Death

Names Edit

Kit: Ashkit

Apprentice: Ashpaw

Warrior: Ashfleck

Queen: Ashfleck

Family Edit

Mother: ???

Father: ???

Brother: Aspenpaw

Mate: Jackalspring

Daughter(s): Rabbitleap

Son(s): Harewhisker

Education Edit

Apprentice(s): Streampetal

Family Edit

Members Edit


Jackalspring. Deceased, Suspected StarClan Member


Rabbitleap. Deaceased, Suspected StarClan Member


Harewhisker. Deceased, Verified StarClan Member


Aspenpaw. Deceased, Suspected StarClan Member


Darkpool. Deaceased, Verified StarClan Member

Loudstorm. Deceased, Suspected StarClan Member


Streampetal. Deaceased, Suspected StarClan Member


Featherkit. Deceased, Verified StarClan Member


Birchleg. Living (As of Violet Skies)

Second Cousin(s):

Silverpool. Living (As of Violet Skies)

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